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This is a start-a-new-country subverse. Most of the discussion happens here, but the Taiga is the most "formal" spot. We also have a couple chat systems in place.

In a nutshell, from http://newcountryproject.com/:

There will be no:

Protected groups
Income tax
Government welfare
Victimless crimes

There hopefully will be:

Gold and silver
Use of the metric system
Lots of businesses

Is this something you might be interested in? Is there anything I could do to improve descriptions on the subverse?


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Subbed! This place is interesting.


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Holy Jesus, how did I not see this sub earlier? Starting a small independent nation à la Sealand has been my dream for years. Sign me up.


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Awesome! I'm glad to hear it.

Are you set on living out at sea, or would you be open to trying something on land? I haven't quite worked out a workable way to do seasteading -- it's the best legally, but extremely expensive to actually pull off.


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I agree, seasteading does sound kind of impractical. Personally, I would go with an island. That is if I had options to choose from. Right now, if you said you had a rusty tanker and a few dozen dedicated people, I wouldn't think twice and join you.


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Apparently a bunch of fat people on the internet want to drop a bomb on an underwater volcano to make a new nation. Lol that is all I have to say.


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Okay, that isn't entirely untrue. I did dabble with the idea of setting off a bomb to start a volcanic eruption, to form land to build on. I think that would have numerous sideeffects, but with the seasteading options ranging from impossibly expensive to impossibly unlivable, it didn't seem like much worse of an idea. Right now, Wyoming seems like the least-bad option. Or maybe West Texas.

I've not heard of him before. My real name is Teran McKinney. As cool as it is, it's my birth name and not something I picked for its majestic sound.

Also, I haven't asked for money. You can spend money to run ads if you like, or pool in money for a group buy of land, but I am not accepting money to come up with some Utopian promise down the road. Any money would have to go directly to something related to the project and not to myself.


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Well then I have no choice but to upvoat you and downvoat my original flaming comment. Thanks for the reply.

I am also someone who is ammassing wealth then moving to a remote state to cut the bullshit.


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Unless you have an army to conquer it with, there's no land anywhere on earth that isn't owned and policed by someone. You could move into a remote location in Wyoming and start your own economy there, but you'll need to trade with the outside in order to get anything more sophisticated than you can make without manufacturing, and that requires US currency, which means someone is going to have to work a job and pay taxes to the US to keep it afloat.

Not to mention the Bureau of Land Management will eventually catch wind and shut the whole thing down.

As crazy as the volcano idea is, keeping this sustainable within the boundaries of the US is even crazier.


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but if you drop a bomb on a volcano wouldn't all the thetans tm escape to the world?


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Nah it is fine they're stored safely in to big to fail banks.

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It's possible, but it'd be ruinously expensive. More practical would be to build a submerisble hull out of reinforced concrete (that's how oil rigs do it) and colonise that.

Not sure I'd bother with soil though, soilless agriculture is more space-efficient. Plus, the exterior of your hull would very quickly be colonised by it's own ecosystem.


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lmao live in wyoming or in some strange place.