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Alzheimer's Study Sparks a New Round of Debate over the Amyloid Hypothesis - Scientific American

'And the new drug is BAN2401, designed by Biogen and Eisai to prevent those amyloid plaques from clustering and attack the clumps that already have. '

'In the BAN2401 trial, about 70 percent of patients getting placebo had a genetic mutation that triples the risk of Alzheimer’s. '

'At issue is the so-called amyloid hypothesis, a decades-old theory claiming that Alzheimer’s gradual degradation of the brain is caused by the accumulation of sticky plaques. '

'If amyloid really is the driving factor behind Alzheimer’s, why didn’t each incremental reduction in plaques lead to a corresponding improvement in cognition?'

'In the long-running debate over just what causes Alzheimer’s disease, one side looks to have scored a victory with new results with an in-development drug. '

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