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"This society, which is often described as despotic, hierarchical, and regulated by aggression and submission, becomes more egalitarian. Everyone is a little nicer to everyone else," says Platt, a Penn Integrates Knowledge professor with appointments in the Perelman School of Medicine, the School of Arts and Sciences, and Wharton. "They synchronize their facial expressions and their behavior more tightly in time. In other words, they're paying more attention to each other and when you do this, you get information more quickly and you respond more quickly."

I hope they put that shit in the drinking water and not because it'll calm us all down and make us get along but because I've read many a time that the real reason they work is by expressing the commonality of their own at the expense of outsiders. In other words it'll make us self segregate even more by creating a massive in group bias which will end the failed experiment in multiculturalism as the effect of loving our own will only get stronger the longer the dosing continues and it won't simply vanish once it stops either. That shit is going to rewire us all into nationalists so by all means dose us like you do fluoride. Give us the real elixir of life and see what happens when the heart of the white man beats once more.