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It could be associated with government. If I had to guess I'd say so, but it's an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence, so am not going to make a legit claim. Just a guess.


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https://archive.is/2pbRW :

The Mirai Botnet Isn't Easy to Defeat | WIRED

'Most PCs weren’t adequately secured, and companies racing to join the dot-com bubble didn’t necessarily understand the importance of internet security. '

'IoT devices like routers, though, are workhorses that are meant to function indefinitely, with minimal direct user interaction. '

'One reason Mirai is so difficult to contain is that it lurks on devices, and generally doesn’t noticeably affect their performance. '

'It’s going to be increasing.”There are some precautions consumers can take to improve their personal IoT security. '

'Mirai already has enough fodder to sustain it for years—and more susceptible products roll off of assembly lines every day. '

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