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Jesus christ. I'm not a straight man, but damnit at least I accept I'm an abnormality. And no, I'm not "kowtowing", its just not something to be proud of.

These faggots blame people who won't sleep with them, plain and simple. And sexual preference isn't fucking racist. GAF makes me hate liberals.


[–] JohnnyPhatsaqs 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

Welcome to Neofag. I can't speak for everyone here, obviously. But, we don't hate gay people, we hate faggots. There's a difference. I wish I could say I'm shocked by this, but I'm not. Now, sexual preference is racist. IF you aren't sexually attracted to a certain race, you're racist. Me? I'll fuck anything. 18 to 80. Blind, crippled or crazy.


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Uh, why am I getting so many negatives for that post


[–] Schopenhauer4ever 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

These people aren't gay. Or black. They are lepers. Rape is their only option by another name.