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The need to add political orientation to the Equal Oppurtunity Act or scrap it all together.

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They have in some states but it didn’t help the new Firefox ceo who had contributed to “prop 8”(gay marriage ban) years before and had to step down since employees didn’t feel safe with him at the helm.

He probably took a pay off since he voluntarily stepped down and never sued.

Some states, like California, Colorado, New York, North Dakota and Louisiana, say it’s illegal to retaliate against an employee for their off-duty participation in politics or political campaigns. In Florida, it’s a felony to “discharge or threaten to discharge any employee in his or her service for voting or not voting in any election, state, county, or municipal, for any candidate or measure submitted to a vote of the people.”

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I employ roughly 300 people in my company. Some of them are contractors who come and go depending on projects being worked on. It's a pretty diverse set of folks since we in London after all, but if I knew you support Trump, or have other messed up beliefs, I wouldn't employ you. Pretty simple. My HR peeps know how it goes and will justify it some way.

He means he serves 300 people a day their french fries.

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"if i knew you support trump or brexit or anything else I ree about, i won't flip your burger!"

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Also shout out to RedMercury in that topic. Deranged retard. He posts like Amir0x used to. Makes you think.

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makes you think how much "cheese pizza" he has stashed in his closet.

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https://archive.fo/hXe7N :

If you were an employer, would you hire a Trump supporter? | Page 24 | ResetEra

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I don't think I would. I think we've reached the point where this is not a normal acceptable political opinion Trump is literally Hitler!!

It's ok, I wouldn't hire anyone left wing or gay or tranny or muslim anyway.

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This is another case and topic of the poster on GAF purposefully stabbing anyone with a needle when drawing blood in a hospital.

Is there any link or screenshot about that one??