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Poland needs industry, investment and incentives for high skilled labor to stay within Poland and not emigrate to Western Europe. Putting black people in Poland is the last thing on Earth that country needs.

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Honestly, and I'm not even trolling just to trigger the REEEtards, when you start to look at the evidence you'll realise it's the last thing any country needs. Unless your goal is its destruction from the inside, of course.

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You know what was fun to watch? A train of distilled blackness stopping in a Polish town and NONE OF THOSE VERMIN got off the train, they all stayed on. Why? Because they were afraid.

You see, those disgusting savages have gotten off the trains in other countries because they hear that the women are easy and the men are boys. What do they hear about Poland? Horror stories.

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I was gonna call this person a nog, but it's probably some geeky cucked white kid whose given up on his own race.

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100% a screeching lost stupid white bitch

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I don't think blackness can be distilled. Failure, stupidity, violence, sexually transmitted diseases, helplessness and rudeness are already distillations of failed evolution. Can't really reduce that any more.

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Infinity Niggers!

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"big dose" and "distillation" are on opposite ends

someone should inform this retard

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"Distilled blackness"? Sounds digusting. Hmmm, I wonder what that would cause. Let's take a look at news over the years from different sources....hmmm...ok, not positive. Okay, now the crime statistics....well that's no good....state of known black neighborhoods and areas....ok, not good either. Prison populations.....also not good.....

Wow, well we could just keep going deeper and deeper, but if Poland was a person looking to buy a bottle of distilled blackness off the shelf to drink, I'd have to advise them not to do it. It's bad for you.

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This poster jerks it to cuck porn for sure.

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