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Maybe I'd do it if she was the love of my life, but probably not. I have oral herpes and I've had it since I was a little kid. Don't know how I got it. I accept that people will reject me because of it, I don't hold it against them. I do my part not to spread it. There's more to life than hookups anyway. Maybe someday science will deliver a cure.

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Are they claiming 80% of the population already have herpes so don’t herpes shame and genital herpes weren’t that big of deal until big pharma got involved and stigmatized the condition for profit?

What they fail to mention is that percentage is for oral herpes. The genital herpes infection rate is much lower but blacks are overwhelmingly infected, then Hispanics, whites and Asians.

I had one cold sore when I was in middle school, my mom and sister get one every couple of years, my dad and other siblings never got one but that doesn’t mean they aren’t infected.

There’s a pretty simple way to reduce your outbreaks that works for many people, it’s pretty cheap once you get going, like pennies a day and doesn’t involve antivirals or doctors.

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Remember when Dennis was banned on neogaf for triggering Devolution by saying that spreading STDs was irresponsible and selfish?


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Is that the thread where they flip out on some guy for saying females for reducing them to their genitals(which herpes does) but his post clearly stated males and females not men and females?

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Yeah that's the one. They got mad at Dennis for saying that their feelings about slut shaming did not matter compared to the bigger issue of public health when people are spreading diseases.

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I'm the type of person who sometimes leaves the door wide open when leaving, and worst forgets that I had already shampoo my hair a minute ago.

ReE in a nutshell.

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https://archive.fo/6aN4L :

Would you date/marry a person with genital herpes? | ResetEra

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Sex isn’t a must for me in relationships so why not


Crazy. I figured ERA of all places would have had more of an open mind about things like this. Especially since herpes is insanely common.