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Niggers are the gateway to white supremacy, given enough exposure.

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200% SOY!!!

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Fat acceptance and no exercise is the only true woke way (Except Trump, yikes!)

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I always thought it was a front for gayness

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I like their logic when it comes to Joe Rogan. He interviews a diverse range of people with different opinions, is liberal himself in a lot of ways, yet he invites a few 'alt-right' guests on, and now they consider JR a nazi that is literally worse than Hitler.

Also if they consider MMA stars nazis, why don't they walk up to some of them if they spot them in the street and punch them like they always rag on about? I'm sure that'd end well, assuming they ever fucking made it our of their front door.

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The only thing of any value that's ever come out of The Guardian is Glenn Greenwald. And you'll notice he doesn't work there anymore.

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https://archive.fo/Twn8O :

Fascist fight clubs: how white nationalists use MMA as a recruiting tool | ResetEra

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I can't help but laugh at the guy who attempted the line of thought "White supremacists go there because boxing is dominated by blacks". Uh, you may want to update your knowledge of boxing, fam. Most weight classes in boxing have been dominated by white guys for years at this point, especially since Russians, Ukrainians and other East Europeans have started to join the professional scene.

By the way, of course right-leaning people tend to be more appealed by combat sports... The Left made one of their main points the idea to reject and vilify strength and masculinity, while trying to promote weakness, victimhood and more in general faggotry as proper ways of life.