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It’s probsbly crashoverdrive, he already has two threads posted defending these freaks this morning on this subject.

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Did you see this post by him? https://voat.co/v/NeoFAG/2711960/13771362

Ofc I like to defend pedophiles. They've generally done nothing wrong, why wouldn't you defend an innocent person?

Like I said in my reply to him there, either the troll is overdoing it or he needs to take a rope challenge.

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I wonder how he feels about law abiding, non-offending “Nazis” and if he writes teary eyed posts defending them.

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He’s probably a muslim lol and even 13/14yo’s are actually to old and this is his cover.

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Lol I'm literally defending innocent people. Nothing wrong with that.

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My mistake he now has three threads.

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To be fair everyone has heard of loli. I probs first heard about it on GAF due to the weeaboo culture they used to have there.

It's like people are aware of what beastiality or necrophilia are, doesn't mean anyone wants to search that shit.

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https://archive.fo/kDwXc :

Valve approves first full-on pornographic game for sale on Steam | Page 10 | ResetEra

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