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Better to spread homophobic chicken than AIDS.

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Twink ass poofter. How’s that for homophobia, faggot.

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Mmmmm makes the chicken taste even better knowing they would melt down while watching you eat it. Getting nuggets tomorrow.

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https://archive.fo/H5qSS :

PSA - Chick-fil-A giving away free 8 count nuggets via their app | ResetEra

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Forgot Colin Kaepernick - Nike should have chosen this reeeetard for their new ad campaign. He's sacrificing free fast food for the chance to virtue signal and screech about all the bigots.

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He’ll be standing down in line with all the other hypocritical liberals, he just needs to virtue signal first. He’s not going to sacrifice shit.

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Maybe they'll all take a knee while they eat their free nuggets just so they feel like they're protesting something and not being armchair hypocrites.