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Vulnerable = most dangerous and lazy in liberal speak.

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In this week's issue of leftist idiots that can't differentiate between fantasy and reality:

He’s no longer performing heroic deeds out of just the goodness of his heart, but also for the purpose of solidifying the existing power structure’s grip on the city. Again, this is how the first few hours of the game works, and maybe there is a forthcoming plot twist in which Spider-Man realizes that he no longer wants to be an agent of the state. All I know is that it kind of sucks to play a game in which Spider-Man, in the process of beating up some drug dealers, taunts them by yelling, “If you just got real jobs you wouldn’t have to work so hard at being criminals!”

Wut? What could possibly be wrong about telling people they should get real jobs instead of committing crimes?

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They want Spiderman to help the guy driving the truck of peace. Wouldn't that be something.

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Fuckin poofter

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Most of the assholes writing this shit and pushing these narratives probably don't believe in it. They're just playing to the hysterical leftist crowd and egging them on to keep reeeeeeeeeeeeesisting.

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https://archive.fo/EnnTv :

Sony's New Game Turns Spider-Man Into A Cop And It's No Fun

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