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That thread lmao.

The Russians™, the Bible, says 0% regret then when questioned posts a HuffPo article, then finds a study by (((Cohen))) that backs up claim, someone else posts study that it’s only 2-4% regret, guy gets butt hurt he’s the only one having to prove his 0% claim, it’s never the other way around, basically transphobia demand facts lol. Another tranny claims the handful of trannies they know don’t regret it lol.

Someone points out there’s regret support groups, people claim astonishment lmao.

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Of course the handful of trannies they know don't regret it, they know if they say they do they'll lose the few fellow deviants and freaks that "support" them.

They've all seen and probably joined in with the social destruction of anyone that goes against the narrative by the liberal left.

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Studies show that the number one reason for unhappiness or dissatisfaction after transitioning is due to unacceptance, from family or society, not transitioning in itself. So if everyone could just be kind and show support in the transgender community, it can make all the difference in the world.

Your happiness is not my fucking responsibility, now fuck off and leave me alone to do the stuff that makes me happy.

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Besides them fucking off, that’s a false narrative they’re pushing.

There’s all kinds of people who regret elective surgeries but the magically trannies only regret it because of others. There no winning with these people.

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Makes sense. I mean, I would also regret pulling out all my teeth or plucking out my eyeballs, but permanently fucking up my genitals has got to be up there. The difference is there isn't an entire army of people who will tell me I'm awesome if I pull out my teeth or eyes.

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oy vey there were some downvotes to this,maybe we got a few tranny chasers on here Lol

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Intentionally blinding yourself or wanting to cut your arm off because you feel disabled: mental illness

Cutting your dick off: A-OK

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Wouldn't it be easier to change the clothes your wearing then to change your genitals?

Survival of the fittest, serves the troons right for being miserable.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=0R7DXnqkfJw :

I Want My Sex Back. Transgender people who regretted changing sex - YouTube

https://snew.github.io/r/Documentaries/comments/9eo0al/i_want_my_sex_back_2018_a_documentary_about_the/?st=jlwrs7hq&sh=b9d8b951 :

I Want My Sex Back (2018) - A documentary about the minority of transgender people who regretted changing sex. [27:21] : Documentaries

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