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If you criticize a black person, you're racist.

If you cite crime statistics, you're racist.

If you think kneeling during the national anthem is a retarded attention grab, you're racist.

If you think blacks are stupid, incompetent, and dependent on assistance from white saviors, you're a liberal.

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Chumba womba

I would say delete this, but this display of racism is so blatant in the year 2018 that it belongs in a museum to raise awareness to future generations about what African-Americans are going through today.

lmao says the privileged Asian doctor/surgeon living in the racist US. Look at this racism, it belongs in a museum for future generations to see. lmao I wonder how his own race and country of origin treat blacks?

What a surprise he also has the new nike slogan on his twitter profile

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

Give up your position and let a black doctor replace you and move into a black neighborhood then I’ll believe you. Otherwise you’re just a virtue signaling privileged chink.


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I'd argue it's even more racist to depict black people as Wakandans (all-powerful, super-intelligent). The contrast with reality is too obvious to be ignored.

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Only two caricatures are verboten, the long nosed rubbing hands, and the big lipped ones.

Anything else is OK. Especially if it makes fun of Western culture.

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