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They show more sympathy and understanding towards child molesters rather than gamergators.

Utter filth.

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They're blaming the woman rather than the pedo she has to do a scene with. So much for their muh feminist points

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https://archive.fo/3Oixx :

Fox pulls scene from 'The Predator' after director casts his pedophile friend in minor role | ResetEra

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Honestly, if someone is so bad that we have to track their every move and control where they live forever then they shouldn't be out in public. I often argue that. But that is not an argument that says they should just get out of jail and not be registered. That is an argument that they shouldn't even be let out of jail.

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You're still agreeing with him, though.

Is someone still a danger? Keep him locked up. Is he not a danger, thus being let free? Have it count and stop ruining his future.

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lmao, they’re only bad for rapists and pedos.

[–] CrashOverdrive 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

They're right, though. Sex offender list just means no chance at a normal life ever. Might as well rape another kid, because you've got shit to lose.

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You sure love to talk about and defend pedophiles.

Sex offender list just means no chance at a normal life ever.

...and? When it comes especially to crimes against children that's how it should be. Pedophiles have no role in society. They should be castrated and imprisoned for life or otherwise executed.

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Ofc I like to defend pedophiles. They've generally done nothing wrong, why wouldn't you defend an innocent person?

The guy in question isn't innocent, but served his time. He should now be able to live normally. If he's still dangerous, though, he shouldn't have been released. It's that simple.