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Fuck these faggots.

In the last few days the media has been cherry picking the few lefty veterans they could find and they were supposedly the end all be all of the debate. Now that the lefts/medias narrative has fallen apart because the vast majority of veterans are speaking out and actually take offense to nike and kneeling our opinions no longer matter.

I thought Kaepernick asked a respected veteran and he said it was fine if he knelt and the media wouldn’t shut up about it and kept saying veterans don’t find it disrespectful lol, so now that narrative is no longer valid?

I love how the left/media just created a new class of veteran respected which must mean a veteran that agrees with the leftist agenda and by using “respected” will shut others up and let the left continue to control the narrative.

Like any other vet with an honorable discharge shouldn’t be considered a respected veteran. I guess we have too much wrong think to be considered respected. Fuck these people with razor wire.

Freedom of speech only protects you from the government, not private businesses or consequences.

Just because we defended your right to protest and act like jackasses doesn’t mean we no longer are allowed to have opinions or help invoke consequences on actions we find offensive.

If I ask a nigger if it’s ok to say nigger and they don’t have a problem with it, can I say it then dismiss all the niggers who complain because niggers don’t control what words people are allowed to use?

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Freedom of speech only protects you from the government, not private businesses or consequences.

i disagree with this looks at what the megapolies has done to alex jones and others. the constitution encompass the whole land right? so everything that is under it should be protected by the bill of rights.

anyhow,most companies like google,amazon and others have ties within our govt.my case is that freedom of speech is protected as long as you are in an american operated territory.no matter if the censorship is coming from the govt or the private sector.

just because its a private business doesnt mean that it can operate outside the boundaries of the constitution...at least in the theory (intelligence agencies which are private are outside of this premise as we all know since they are no part of the govt due to their clandestine nature)

can the private sector tell civilians not to assemble or not have freedom of movement?

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That’s their line, not mine. I’m just throwing it back in their faces. He can do whatever he wants, but as they say doing or saying something shitty(which is usually some minor wrong think) doesn’t protect you from consequences.

can the private sector tell civilians not to assemble or not have freedom of movement?

Yes, on their property and that’s the excuse internet companies use for their censorship.

But as I always say if any of these companies are receiving tax breaks, state/federal grants or contracts, working with the government(as almost all internet companies do, at least secretly) etc they should be subjected to obeying the constitution as they are receiving our tax dollars via federal/state funds and should be treated as agents of the government.

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I'm a Iraq war vet, I'm not offend. Suck my dick bitch.

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Of course you’re not offended, you’re the butt hurt troll that hasn’t pulled out his alt in almost a year.

What papers did you shuffle in that comfy office or did you make our food?

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We are not an elite class of citizen elevated above our neighbors. When we start thinking of ourselves as a warrior caste, removed from the people we defend, we exacerbate the civilian-military divide. We indulge in an entitlement mentality that isn’t healthy, demanding special treatment, such as discounts or restrictions on fireworks that might upset vets with post-traumatic stress disorder. The message is, You’re welcome for my service.



The only people I ever see pushing and defending this are liberals who hate fireworks and the 4th. It’s outdated and think of the veterans.

I don’t recall my grandfathers, father, uncles and other male relatives ever give a shit. Some of these tough old bastards were in WWII and Korea and were literally shell shocked from Artillery raining down all around them regularly.

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The morters didn't bother me so much, but my brother was affected quite a bit for the first couple years after coming back. He use to have some massive anxiety for awhile and had a real hard time around fireworks. You know what he did instead of bitching and ruining everyone else's fun? He avoided those areas and/put in ear pro until he relaxed again. I would take my nephews to the firework shows instead.

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He avoided those areas and/put in ear pro until he relaxed again.

I don’t know what ear pro is. Are the the earmuffs that let you hear normally but activate and block loud noises?

I see the post with the ptsd veteran lives here sign every year posted on Facebook and liberals scolding everyone and acting like they for once care about veterans. If someone suggests ear plugs they flip out. They want to ban all fireworks here and they use these people as their pawns.

I did take some pity on one vet(not sure if he was just a concern troll though.) that said he would just stay in the basement with ear plugs in but people shoot them off days before and after at all hours. Which is true and he makes a good point. I guess his only option would be the ear muffs that I mentioned above.

We have a shit ton of mexicans around here so it’s like two weeks of random fireworks going off.

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https://archive.fo/HUpiY :

Veterans don’t get to decide what ‘respecting the flag’ means (WaPo) | ResetEra

'Many veterans and servicemen and women have died and suffered grievous wounds for this flag and anthem and constitution. '

'He knows how disrespectful it is, and Nike is empowering it.” In a Facebook group for veterans that I belong to, someone wrote: “Anyone not respecting our flag should be deported. '

' Have some respect.” This argument isn’t new: Last year the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion chastised the protests as disrespectful. '

'But while most veterans have been measured in their responses, one strand of criticism is particularly disturbing: the notion that kneeling during the anthem is a specific affront to veterans and service members. '

'As Kurt Schlichter, a combat veteran and contributor for Fox News, put it , Kaepernick “is targeting us. '

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