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This is fantastic

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A store's scanner isn't going to read out the text. It will just say invalid code. Nobody's going to see what the text says. The clerk will say they don't know about the coupon, maybe try it, and that's all. Nobody's going to get hurt/killed, maybe arrested if the clerk/cops care enough about using a fake coupon. Though you've always got the defense that you didn't know it was fake. Plus it was just some random person that though it was funny and posted it, maybe others also thought it was funny because they are idiots. Not like the entire userbase of 4chan sat around thinking up ways to get black people killed. Herp derp. Reeeeeeeeeeetards of course fall for that shit hook, line, and sinker and bitch out because of it. It's a non-story. It will amount to nothing.

But that won't stop their cries of censorship.

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I didn't know about the QR code. That's hilarious

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People calling for censorship are hurting us all. 4chan is just making the black community smarter.

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it's 4 chan, the guy who made the tweet could have done it, or the OP of that topic or I could have.

Good luck arresting some bored Angolan.

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Black people skulls make good roofing tiles,

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I remember 4chan making fake coupons in like 2010 or something.

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https://archive.fo/pWsTY :

4chan users create fake Nike coupon in an attempt to kill black people | ResetEra

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