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I love how unapologetic the Soul Calibur team is, where Team Ninja is trying to hide behind the Esports good boy put us on tv please attitude.

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Especially considering that D.O.A has very little presence in the FGC. Why turn away the crowd that's been your only lifeline for some SJW fags that can't stand the female form.

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Money really. Team Ninja wants the esports dough and they probably feel something is holding them back badly. DOA, despite it's small presence in the FGC did get recognized as a competent fighter. Which is very true, it is a legit good game, and has been really, but 5 did a good job at establishing it. Sorta like most people love Virtua Fighter, but few people come out to represent it.

They want to get broadcasted, they want to be esports, they want to be on TV like SFV got to be. I said in another post, that we know they're not truly 'woke' since Venus Vacation is a thing, and it's likely what's funding all of this, but they're trying to aim for that viewer friendly shit.

Everyone's been trying to tell them don't try this shit it's not going to work, but after Dissidia's failings, they want something to take off in the public's eye. DoA 6 will likely flutter out as SJWs ignore everything, even after its approval, and then they'll beg their usual fanbase back with the Koei Tecmo amounts of fanservice DLC.

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I actually think Team Ninja's newest "woke" turn is going to really hurt the sales of their next DoA title. They're literally the last mainstream developer in existence who should embrace that bullshit, and I say that for the sake of their business. If DoA isn't the "ass 'n titties" fighting series, what the fuck is it?

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It's a legit fighter, pretty technical at it's core, and I think DOA 5 helped realize that, and it already shown it can be more then just ass and tits the fighter. I mean the reality is very simple, deep down we know they don't embrace this culture, otherwise Venus Vacation, which likely funds all their games at this point wouldn't exist. If they were legit so woke, they wouldn't keep the game up.

DoA wants to be esports. They want that esports money, but they're aware of the game they have to play and they were 100% paying attention to ESPN's 'broadcast friendly' rules. Like forcing people to pick the 'broadcast' friendly costumes. Like Cammy couldn't be in her default, Laura and Mika had to be covered up more. Team Ninja desperately wants an esports title baaaadly. They tried and failed miserably with Dissidia which was, supposed to go and be this big Square Enix esports entry title.

It's a huge shame cause esports is the last thing a community like fighting games wants to really be in. It's so fucking stale and sterile. Along with some of the worst cringe and fake moments I've ever seen, but the money is there.

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They just learned the word "incel" and now they're inserting it into everything they can.

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What is it with stupid people and how proud they are for knowing jargon?

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Every bikini-clad woman in games marks a loss for Resetera and their kind. I love it.

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Of course they are the “incels”

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Seong Mi-Na who I'm sure was called Seung Mina before looks to play a bit different never once did I notice her sort of wind mill spin thingy where she move forwards with it spinning past her shoulders.

Her outfit is a bit more revealing than 1 which I thought this was based off of, so it should be expected

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> Her outfit is a bit more revealing than 1 which I thought this was based off of, so it should be expected

Only if you have played the series before. RE doesn't play games outside of the Oppression Olympics.

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These are the people that want burkas on beaches.

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> tfw a culture that's dying out due to lack of procreation has more healthy attitudes about sexuality and the human body than your country

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https://archive.fo/NXrDY :

Soul Calibur VI -- Astaroth & Seong Mi-Na reveal trailers | ResetEra

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