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"Open Displays of white supremacy": Going to the Columbus Day Parade in NYC

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Nah, just supporting anyone but shitlibs ="white supremacy" to these cucks

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Good Lord, the obsessive hatred of Christianity goes beyond the pale.

And what "Nazis" is he talking about? What "white supremacists"? Where are they? I never seem to see "Nazis" anywhere, but I can find plenty of brainwashed Communist cult members in every major college campus in North America. Neo-Marxists just can't seem to function without an imaginary Nazi to fight, so they'll use normal white people (who don't despise themselves) as a Nazi surrogate instead. This type of nihilistic Communistic obsessive hatred never seems to amaze me. Was 100 million people dying not enough?

Would these malicious Marxist children make it illegal for people to engage in "white flight" too? Meanwhile, none of those assholes are raising children in black or Muslim neighborhoods. Good grief.

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“Open displays of white supremacism” like speaking English and not living in mud

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I'd outlaw not being white.

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I get to decide? It is now illegal to disagree with me.

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Nothing about boobs in video games like he usually throws a hissy fit?

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Equate lobbying with treason, because it is causing harm to the country and it's people for personal gain.

They must really think that the dems don't lobby.

. Make it a misdemeanor offense when a politician mentions god or faith or Christianity or the bible or anything like that in public

Topkek, but praise allah would be 100% okay.

Oh, Pence makes mention that gay marriage is between a man and woman? Give him a fine and a slap on the wrist. Then he brings up abortion being a ticket to hell? Give him a heftier fine and an even harder slap on the wrist. Eventually he and other like minded republicans will either stop or wind up in prison.

Prison eh

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I'd make it legal to end multiculturalism through genociding local populations of foreigners in your country. Fuck sending them back, lets turn them into fertilizer!

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Liberalism/"Progressive"ism is a death penalty offense.

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