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agreed to shelter the passengers of the Aquarius, a group of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa

Just what people need, the lowest iq niggers on the planet in their country.

Now, several hundred students, who are paying 750 euros a month to live in the La Florida dormitory in Alicante, must leave to make room for children aged 12 to 17 who are being brought to the dormitory via bus following the ship's arrival in Spain on Sunday.

But appear to be middle aged men, we all saw the photos.

One students' mother told local media that the students were asked to leave because the incoming refugees would have "many diseases" and possibly pose a "health risk." And while students said they're "not against helping those in need" they're worried about how they will finish their studies.

That’s called AIDS and STD’s from getting culturally enriched.

"We’re not against helping those in need, but it isn’t fair for my son to be removed from his residence and left on the street in the middle of his studies," one woman said, adding that her son needed to complete his course in German in order to qualify for a new job in that country.

Do these people not vote? Being progressive has consequences.

The provisional government has assured inquiring media outlets that it will cover the students' expenses and find new temporary accommodations for them.

Then why not give those temporary accommodations to the rapefugees until you can find them permanent ones?

We would advise the rest of Spain's college students to consider packing a ”go-bag", because the Italian government over the weekend refused permission to dock to two Dutch-flagged ships carrying migrants, which are now sitting off the coast of Libya. That means more migrants could be on their way to Spain in the near future.

What in the Fuck is going on. College kids need to pack go bags to make room for feral niggers*. If you don’t have room for them why are you accepting them. These college kids are going to be paying 750 euros a month to live in a tent city while the niggers ruin the dorms and rape the local populace.

I swear, I hope there’s a group of people hand making guillotines to be used on all these western traitors and supporters.

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The Iberians survived over 700 years of Moslem rule; they can survive a few niggers. Besides, this isn't Sweden. The Spanish people will push back. They always do.