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Where is DeNigro? This is his cup of outrage.

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basically this with his son https://hooktube.com/watch?v=l_nhwLGkC5Y

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They have no actual moral compass. Once your deemed an enemy, there is no depth they wont sink to in order to terrorize someone.

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As Trump is signing an executive order to keep families together lol.

I mean, if they turn them loose as a family into the country they don’t show up for court hearings. If they go to jail the kids can’t go there either. Getting tired of hearing actors opinions. The most disconnected people in the county lecturing everyone else.

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Stolen from T_D: He's a pedo! https://www.imgoat.com/uploads/ef059938ba/117947.jpg

What the fuck are all these pedos doing out in the open.

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Where’s the retard era thread?

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already reported by melania to the secret service.

research your local theater to see if his new movie is set to debut and then inform them of this fuck-up that he did