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They’re pushing construction on women here, the problem is many of their female owned and employed companies go under. It requires more women to do the same work and even with contracts being handed out based on skin color/sex instead of the cheapest bid, they still end up going so over budget they end up bankrupt and the job half complete.

IIRC Portland wanted 30% minority and female owned construction contracts. They bragged they were nearing the target when it went from like 3% to 10%, now it’s back down close to 3% and they are in shock and trying to find new ways to raise the numbers.

*my exact percentages may be a little off, I’m not searching for the article but their stupid utopian dreams are failing.

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Forced (((equality))) is so retarded. Men will be better at some things and women will be better at others.

If each gender didn't have its own strengths, then genders wouldn't exist. Nature is so sexist!

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That woundy cunt excelsior must sell so disgusting. Living with an open flesh wound. Repulsive

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That's modern day feminism for you. We want everything equal.*

*Unless equal is something we have a huge advantage or positive bonus over men over. That doesn't change.

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As someone who has had the "club shakedown" (bouncers trying to hustle you to give cover money even when you're on a VIP list and get free entry) while groups of girls get to waltz through no problem, there is absolutely a disconnect, and none of them are complaining about it.

I'm with someone right now who comes from money, has plenty of money, but still expects me to wait on her hand and foot while not batting an eye when I drop a hundred on her. Yet, she complains when I question the cost of $150 concert tickets. /firstworldproblems

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That'll teach him for being rational on resetera.

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https://archive.fo/nBjso :

Kotaku | At E3, SoulCalibur's Objectified Women Felt Like A Relic Of The Past | Page 13 | ResetEra

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