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I find it fascinating, that every one of these 'cases', that they show and examine and try to talk about 'video game addiction' is always something else at fault deep down.

One station showed some family and they blacked them out like they were in witness protection or something hilarious. Some 19 year old college teen who his parents couldn't agree on things. The other station showed some kid with a 'WoW Addiction" and then you heard him talk: He had a lisp, a stutter, likely autism and other social problems. A lot of these people are likely using video games as an escape, or a chance to feel remotely normal since I'm 90% sure all these 'addictions' just have other problems and games is what helps them cope. So of course they don't want to leave what is likely their one good place.

You can really see the agenda at work here.

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I really don't understand why they would attack autistics though, knowing that autism is pretty much the definition of obsession with order, they would normally hold a tight schedule, I've known many people with the disorder and they never seem to give a shit about video games so much that their dress code is unwashed, perhaps they are too hard to indoctrinate, then again the collective noun of many autistics would be communism at its best, because only they would comply with the idea of public property.

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I'm just more so saying that there is likely a 'reasoning' behind their 'addiction' over the actual games being addictive. Though I admit.. many companies do have psychologists on staff specifically for getting people to stick around more.

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Come on modders! REVERSE WOLFENSTEIN! We want to play as Nazi's trying to save the world from jew trash

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I can practicall smell the matzo coming off this

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to go with that pile of kilbasas?

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to go with that pile of kilbasas?

what does even mean,speak english shitlord

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I mean playing video games isn't healthy, sure. But why

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For gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behaviour pattern must be of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning and would normally have been evident for at least 12 months.

gaming disorder is not what you may think it is, it's about addiction to video games, but it should of been called something like "hobby disorder" but the people that declared this disorder with such a title could of had bias, I would say though that trannies are not a normal thing. This may be just appealing to the majority, but don't trust WHO they are proving themselves the SPLC of medicine.

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By their definition,

Collection of stamps to an obsession level (like what's described with video games) is a disorder.

Collection of money could also be classified as such.

So on and so forth ...

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Great, when can I start collecting my gibs since I am apparently disabled because I enjoy the occasional videogame?

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Mental illness is subjective now.

Lets petition to have schizophrenia removed from the list too. The WHO are hateful bigots if they don't.

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Apophis save us!

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