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They don't want anyone taking away their imported dildos.

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The Sweden Democrats are the number one party for Swedes aged 18 to 34, according to a poll that was released in March. With 19 per cent the party is just ahead of the Moderate Party which is at 18 per cent.

This is their problem, the young aren’t buying their bullshit anymore. So like good little pseudo liberal dictators they use wrong think code words to try and silence their main opponents.

All this will do is backfire and make those 18-34yo’s even more extreme and determined to oust these degenerates that are ruining their country.

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Good. They'll have no leg to stand on when we ban pro-feminist parties and organizations.

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" The SD still have a homophobic, nationalist, racist and xenophobic policy, this has not been changed. Their policies are still not inclusive, it still excludes minorities”.

-Said a group made entirely of middle class white people.

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We won't tolerate intolerance!

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Get back in the fucking kitchen.

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Nice photo filled with white people complaining about the lack of minorities, yet they dont seem to have any in their social circles.

I think we've seen shit like this before, haven't we.

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They love the idea of black people and other minorities being in their countries....just not anywhere near them.

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Grown ass women that can't behave like competent adults so they take on the persona of the mother of small children instead, treating absolutey everyone like small children so they can hold on to power. They all need their asses kicked.

Their behavior is abusive, so they have to come up with ways to punish the people that rebel against them. They're constitutionally incapable of recognizing adults are their opponents that are perfectly right to oppose them.

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It's not about the nail!

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