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At least I don’t have to feel guilty for the unspeakable things I wanted to do to her

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He’s been fapping to her for months, this revelation for him is like finding out he’s been fapping the whole time to a girl who used to be named John and had his dick cut off.

she is an attractive woman but believe it or not there are better porn whores out there that you can fap to. i originally was attracted to her conservative persona.which later found out it was a phony ruse by her.

because no conservative woman would cosplay in order for other men to masturbate to her and said it on a tweet. no conservative woman would be agaisnt muslims while she alledgely had an affair with a muslim and a negro guy.not because they are minorities because it runs agaisnt everything that she has preached on the issue

also, she blames minorities because they are abusing the systems in both europe and north america while ignoring the people that has enabled said migrations thru phony wars,liberal and marxist policies and propaganda. whhen we have on record jewish people saying on youtube that they want a colored western civilization and lastly,these people have enabled gay marriage,pedophilia and other social ills.

again,she is attractive and eloquent and sometimes even funny but i cant stand the deceit