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You're not typing the right search terms, try "US Military Convoy" and a placename such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, that'll find you the christianist trucks of peace.

Fact is that the entire Abrahamic mythology is toxic, and all the splinters of it are just as bad as each other. When viewed under a critical light by an observer who is not hamstrung by cognitive dissonance there's nothing to choose between judaism, islamism, christianism and satanism.


[–] AutisticScreeching [S] 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago  (edited ago)

False equivalency. Foreign policy has been a crap shoot at times, and sometimes I do think pull out and let country X kill itself is the way to go. Shit holes can stay shit holes. If they try and attack and kill abroad though then it's fair game to go after them.

Find me Christians who shout God is Great before blowing up children. Or driving a truck through a Christmas market killing families.

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Hur dur I'm an enlightened atheist and avid Rick and Morty fan and I find all religions boring and toxic hur dur


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There are big fundamental differences. Islam is inherently political, for one.


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You're retired, there are drastic differences.


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He should get back in the game.