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Lets take a look at the life of RoyalDuke:

My mom seeing people treat me badly b/c I'm bi opened her mind to other social issues

I went to breakfast with my mom this morning and basically this couple(an older one) got upset that they had to sit next to "a gay" and that it was "disgusting, like those uppity BLM people."

My mom was utterly shocked, and up to this point had pretty much been in a both sides/apathy slide but after they left she wanted to talk about it.

She honestly couldn't believe people would literally move to the other side of a restaurant because they couldn't stand being next to someone who was Gay. (I'm bi but they overheard me remark to my mother I thought the server was cute)He was very cute.

To give background my mom is probably the more liberal side of my family(except for me, my dad calls me a commie occasionally among other things) and in recent years had come around to wanting to be supportive of people who are trans, bi, or Gay.

Now, she is coming full circle and asked me about BLM and a bunch of issues throughout the history of the United States. How do we go about fighting, racism, sexism, etc, why Donald is a fascist, etc.

I guess I should be happy that being publicly discriminated against got my mother to care more about the country and our future but at least that is something.

It makes me realize maybe some people are able to be saved from this mess, but I think those people are in the minority, my father is a diehard racist. There is no saving him, I've tried.

I don't know what to do anymore

My dad is going to abandon our family because he is a racist asshole.

I don't know what to do anymore gaf. He's seriously going to leave two disabled people because he is a racist asshole and can't deal with being called what he is. he is also a fucking sociopath, so there is that too.

I've called the suicide hotlines a bunch of times today and over the last week because I feel like there is no way out. My life keeps getting worse, my health keeps getting worse, I'm more and more miserable and irritable everyday, and my parents.. I just can't deal with it anymore.

I'm tired of being sick and poor and hungry, and having done every single possible thing to try and be successful in this godforsaken country and I just don't know what to do anymore.

Everyone is abandoning me, I can't even get asylum away from these people because of what is happening with TrumpCare/Obamacare. My medicaid is treated like anathema and almost no doctors offices will take it now or take new patients so I'm SOL for a primary care.

There isn't any housing available and the lists are backed up til next year.

I can't get an appeal on my disability because they keep denying me, I'm not disabled enough.

It feels like I'll never be good enough for anyone or anything. At 26 I feel like I'm just fucking done, I'm tired of people telling me it will get better and it never does.

I'm just so fucking angry at everything and my dad being such a gigantic fucking asshole.

Now he is just gonna leave because he can't be racist in his own house without me losing my shit about it because I'm fucking tired of it. I'm tired of Fake news and right wing propaganda being the only voice of truth, that every single fucking thing in my life doesn't amount to shit to him because it isn't his problems or his life. he is one of those people who talk about how much harder they have it than you and you don't amount to fucking anything but I LOVE YOU SON! YOU ARE SHIT AND A MISTAKE BUT I LOVE YOU.

We could barely eat the last few weeks because we didn't have any money.

Then my dad comes home and wants all this stupid fucking shit, just because.

I just don't know what to do gaf, I can't go anywhere, I don't have any money and now my shithead of a father is contemplating leaving me and my mother.

He seems to post one of these threads monthly.

For Fuck's Sake

I keep trying to believe things will get better against the internal knowledge that they won't.

My moms car, our only car decided today was the day it was going to break and it broke after getting the oil changed. The dealership gave us a loner car but they are trying to pin it all on us, as usual. It was running fine, perfectly fine before it arrived at that dealership.

I have to get my shoulder replaced and that really fucking sucks since I will probably be rehabbing for the better part of a year or more, as it typical in my case with my diseases. The doctor also doesn't believe in prescribing drugs for pain management, so I won't even get those if he ends up being the surgeon I end up going with.

The fight for disability isn't going well either, it will probably be 4 years or more before I can get the $798 a month the government owes me because of my disabilities.

I've lost all respect for my father who is just a brain dead neonazi trump supporter. my mother just simply doesn't care either way.

Like I'd love to say I was doing well and everything is getting better and to truly believe that there is more to life than suffering and misfortune, that there is a point to my life and all the injustices I've suffered, seen other people suffer.

I almost threw myself into traffic today because I didn't want to live through this shit anymore, I called my therapist and he told me there wasn't anything he could do for me and he didn't know what to do. He's been worried about me a lot, I'm scared myself. I'm a at a wall for treatment that can't be broken, the only medications I can take are things that are outdated.

So that is my latest shit sandwich, what is yours GAF?

You know what was sad though, as we almost got into an accident when the car malfunctioned some white assholes drove by screaming the "Gas pedal is on the right you dumb N-words"

Trump's America Folks. Fucking christ, I promise if my existence means nothing else, I will take God to task for everything, not just for my shitty life but also everyone elses.

Someone I liked and respected became a neonazi

I had to remove them from my life today, it started when she started to slowly change her name from something innocuous to the german name for a female nazi guards stationed outside Concentration camps on Steam.

The awful corruption of everything like some lovecraftian thing of antedeluvian horror, the monstrous fear of the other.

It disgusts me that I even liked this person, and I can't understand the cognitive dissonance required to do what...she did, others do, have done.

I don't understand it, it's madness.

I feel horrible gaf.

EDIT: it hurts because my father is also a racist now, when he wasn't before. Is more or less fine being called a neonazi, he'll get angry but he won't disagree.

My parents are going to kick me out because they can't deal with my sickness anymore

So yeah, I don't know what to do anymore.

The family I cared so much for, and sacrificed so much for doesn't really care about me.

They can't handle dealing with my degenerative diseases and mental disease on top of that.

They haven't discussed when but it seems to depend on how big my government check is and if I get denied disability and SSI.

It's terrible, if I get denied I will probably be out on the street.

If I get accepted, they will be expecting most or all of my money which isn't right.

And they won't get it either.

They want a vacation from my problems(direct quote), they will get one. I'll fucking leave.

So yeah my family are a bunch of cunts, what's up with you GAF?

So we lost our case, we're completely fucked

I guess this is goodbye.

My parents lost a very important case regarding a car accident that completely destroyed our sad existence.

I have been through so much in my life, I don't think I can take this. I think I am done.

Nothing matters, justice doesn't matter and God laughs at my misfortune or clearly hates me.

My life has been a series of terrible things, I survived attempted rape at the age of 12.

I spent the entirety of my school years trying not to get beaten into unconsciousness, protecting others, and eating a shit sandwich every goddamn day.

People would always tell me it would get better but it never did. I can't even remember a time when I was actually happy. I've been miserable and sick my whole life.

These days I am so miserable and sick, I wonder what the point of living really is, if there is any point to finishing my novel because it most likely won't even improve my life.

So I leave novels behind, what then? What the fuck then? The world won't change and people won't magically give a fuck about my life or the lives of people like me.

It's winter and my family is going to be homeless soon, I am going to have to sell all my things.

The things that keep me alive, that make me not want to kill myself every fucking day.

So I guess goodbye, it's been nice knowing you guys.

Oh and God, if you get internet in Heaven, I am going to personally slap you multiple times in the face with my seven inch average-above average dick then skull fuck you for a few years because why not.

Then, then I am going to have a nice long discussion with your corpse, because I'd rather keep the realism of you not talking ever. Because nothing you say will ever, ever, ever make up for this sorry excuse of a petri dish you call life.


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For people in Greeley, Colorado

I'm organizing protests at John Galts, a local coffee shop off the main street where you See the UNC campus and Cheeba Hut.

We will organize, discuss tactics and strategem as well as a lay out a formal plan of attack. Something I've devised but I want to make this a combined, group effort.

Part of that plan is establishing community awareness to prevent, report, and highlight hate crimes against minorities and the LGBTQ community, doubly so since there is a KKK chapterhouse in Garden City.

For those not aware, the Knights of Columbus are part of the KKK.

We must Resist, we must Organize, we must Fight.

If you want to meet with me or have any questions, shoot me a PM or just show up this Monday at JGs.

EDIT: Do not attack the Knights of columbus, they are not a part of the KKK. My parents have mislead me my entire life.


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so, just your average gaffer.


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What a sad sack of whiny, do-nothing shit.


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This can't be real.


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The story sounds so fake it made me laugh. And of course the gaffots believe it, because they want it to be true. It feeds into their paranoid delusions.


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Honestly reads like someone here wrote it to troll.


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Jesus Christ. This retard has every mental illness going



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Major Depressive Disorder, as well as Schizophrenia, PTSD, Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of autism, and Social Anxiety Disorder.

You shouldn't believe a word that comes from someone who supposedly suffers from all these afflictions.

I guess he cured his cancer.

I posted earlier this year or late last year that I had a stomach cancer scare, which turned out to be nothing.

Well, for the last four-8 months I've pretty much barely been able to eat anything, vomiting pretty much incessantly.

Long story short, I got Eiffel towered by technology today(endoscopy and colonoscopy) and they found that my esophagus was partially eroded, and I had a huge ginormous fucking polyp in my colon which looked horrible and basically cancerous.

Waiting on the biopsy, but the doctor basically said I would have to go through chemo and I basically have cancer. They are shocked because the way my bowels looked is pretty much what they would expect for someone 50-70 years of age instead of 26.

This isn't a surprise really, my RA doctor last year said my SRA was getting worse that I only had 5 years left(now 4 since I am 26) to live.

You know I'm not mad at my genes, or my family.

But boy am I pissed with God or whatever being decided to give me consciousness and make my life so goddamn shitty, and my parents lives.

Life is cruel, it is barely a reward and in my experience it feels more like a curse.

Some part of me can't wait to die, just so it is all over.

I've been so miserable and unhappy most of my fucked up life, I think I am ready to take a long permanent nap.

So I just want to say if I don't make it, try to remember me GAF because I doubt anyone else will or will even care. I'm gonna try and get my science fiction novel done and hopefully published.

My only request is that if you see my book, please buy it. Not for me, but for my family, odds are I won't be around to see the success or failure of my book.

Lastly, I want to thank Evilore and the Neogaf community. It's been wonderful.

4-8 months to live and is still alive over a year later.


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Sounds like a Munchie.


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Is there an SJW that doesn't suffer from depression? Feeding on outrage and being mad at everything isn't healthy, it just perpetuates their condition.


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Dude is just gaming for disability. I guarantee he's never worked a day in his life and doesn't ever plan on it.


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It's a royaleduke thread. Guaranteed to be full of shit.


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Not only does it start with "So,..." it also COPIES his previous story of some white guys on the road yelling racial obscenities at him. Nice try asshole.


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Maybe if Royalduke spent less time making up shit to post on Neogaf his shitty novel would be finished by now.


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Holy shit, that's horrifying. So these were people who presumably knew you were bi?

Good question

That's what I'm coming to the conclusion.

I feel like I am taking crazy pills though because it sounds fucking insane.

No, it sounds like FUCKING BULLSHIT


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But it could be true, and follows the preferred narrative. Therefore, it would be hateful to not listen and believe.