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What Serbians aren't allowed to go peepee in your Coke? Too white for you racists?


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Asians are the most racist group of all so by all means BCT, defend their honour lol.

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Worked with fresh off the boat dude from Pakistan who couldn't remember the name of our black Unix admin when he was trying to tell me about an issue so he referred to him as the "dark ape one" lol


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https://archive.is/x05qx | :

Serbian Volleyball Team Strikes Racist Pose After Victory - NeoGAF

'The Serbian women\x92s volleyball team secured a place in the 2018 FIVB Women\x92s World Championship in Japan after defeating Poland in a qualifier over the weekend. '

'After the victory, they posed for the photo above, which originally appeared above the FIVB\x92s story about the game but was later removed. '

'It certainly looks like the players are doing the racist slant-eyed gesture, presumably in reference to the fact that the 2018 world championship will be played in Japan. '

' They apparently didn\x92t learn anything from the 2008 Spanish basketball team. '

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