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Japan continues to be based. They don't put up with PC bullshit.


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I remember back in the 90s I would hear how insanely violent and sexually wild Japanese animation and games could be. America was so sexually repressed, and Europe was fine with sexuality but censored the weirdest shit related to violence. (Probotector instead of Contra, no references to "ninja" allowed.)

Last I heard Japan was censoring violence in their games. Has that changed? Their porn censorship laws have been ridiculous for a long time, but thankfully they're going to bat for games and animation.

Oh, and fuck the U.N.


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Japan games in the 80s/90s were more explicit. In 2002 Japan created the Cero video game rating system, in the wake of a school massacre that shocked the nation. Excessive violence and topless/nudity in games is an automatic Z rating, meaning the game can't be advertised at all or openly displayed in stores, which of course is poison for mainstream game publishers. The God of War games for example were localized for Japan but never advertised. I don't follow anime and don't know if they have censorship guidelines.


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There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence.

I think what the feminist crowd hopes to get is achieve is to reduce the enjoyment of people with fetishes they find 'icky.'