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We will show you an approach to relive from neck pain without having any pill. it's self treatment regime that will get you back to normal faster with the following 7 steps.

► Step number one is to warm up the neck in the upper back area slightly to warm muscles stretch and respond better to massage or manipulation by using a moist warm face cloth or a small towel that it's not so hot as to damage the skin nor should you keep it on for any extended period of time 5 to 10 minutes.

► Step number two is gently massaging on your neck. your goal should be on identifying where the discomfort is occurring, how it's affecting your movement and the extent of the discomfort. one tip is to do a self-assessment in front of a mirror either from a standing or seated position. look for symmetry between the left and the right sides of your body. start with the top of the head work down to the neck and shoulder regions observing how your muscles line up.

► Step number three is to remove any knots with pressure point therapy. The idea is to play targeted steady pressure to the knotted muscle which allows it to slowly release. it's painful contraction here's an effective self treatment technique that you could try with the two balls placed over your tender muscle area lean against the wall. you could also lie down on the floor for this technique apply gentle pressure against your knotted muscle using your body weight the balls and the surface to control the amount of pressure. maintain steady pressure for thirty Seconds to a minute. repeat several times until you feel the knot is beginning to release.

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