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First Nations seek to raise Canada's rent after 150 years of $4 payments | World news | The Guardian

'The case has shone a spotlight on treaty annuities, a tool used in some of the more than 600 treaties that exist across Canada. '

'The second treaty – known as the Robinson Superior treaty – is also being challenged in an Ontario court in a concurrent case. '

'Robinson treated with nearly two dozen communities whose connection to the land stretched back millennia. '

'For many, the meagre payment has become a potent symbol of the complex relationship their ancestors forged with the crown. '

'The treaty is one of two in the country, signed within days of each other, that included the prospect of an increase. '

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ok, heres what the deal is for anyone not from canada

first nations get reservations and some special rights and benefits programs.

these places, are not only in the middle of nowhere, but get given next to zero infrasctructure or viable local employment. if the gov wants to build an oilpipeline right through your ancestors graves, they will just roll in and do that shit. literally stray digs roaming around and shit.

most of the time, only thing you get could the means to do, is get drunk on welfare, OR push native rights in some watered social justice shit on government dollars.

same deal as the hood. put in proper employment and schools and things would vastly improved but that woudnt get any victim bux, right?


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Leaning a little bit on the liberal side there bud. We have provided the natives with many opportunities and funded them to the max. What we have here as in Australia is a gang of extortionists who will take whatever benefits they can while reneging on every contract or agreement they possibly can. Their two faced political game has been apparent for decades. I grew up among many socialized members of the native community and they too are tired of the incessant money grab. Yes, there have been mistakes in the past but what we have here is a strong lobby group that uses our own taxpayer money to try to extort us taxpayers at every level. The world has changed and it is time they deal with their own social or legal issues and begin to think about joining the rest of the mosaic of communities that have had to uproot for a better life. Bunch of gibs me that whiners that will never be happy with their lot in life until they grow the balls to do something about it.


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it IS a two-faced game, and thats horrible, but the thing very much keeping the cycle going is deliberate poverty loops