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I'm more pissed at those who took a work of fiction and tried to make it real.

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Which one? 1984? Brave New World? Harrison Bergeron? Fahrenheit 451?

Hell, there's a whole generation of "social activists" who are even taking their lead from Harry Potter's most hated character: Delores Umbridge.

It's kinda their thing. Create a horrible scenario where the absolute most worthless shit of humanity rises to the top, and they're on it like a nigger on crack.

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Karl "Killstreak" Marx. Its over 100 million, and no signs of stoppin'

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Karl "bernie sanders" marx

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Well one thing correct in his philosophy though.

He wants to tame human boredom with labor, with wrong reason that human feel happy to do labor. Human simply want to do labor, human fulfill themselves by doing labor.

He himself must be happy to do labor, thus has been projecting that others will be same.

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What if I told you Marx was just playing out other philosopher's ideas that came before him to their logical conclusion? Don't be fooled by the cute memes, Marx wasn't anti-capitalist. In fact, he saw capitalism as a necessary stage to fulfilling communism, otherwise how else could society be prosperous or technologically advanced enough to even have real communism? (Fueled by AI technology, is the current threat, which makes his prophecy true, in a sense.)

What if Marx was just carrying out the concepts laid out by Paine, Hobbes, and Locke?

What if Martin Luther only had a foothold because of the above's philosophies?

Was The Enlightenment actually a benefit to civilization? Could the (((French Revolution))) ever occur in an "unEnlightened" society? What about the subsequent revolutions? Did they increase or decrease human rights?

Most wars of the last 400 years have been fought because of these ideologies (liberty, equality, fraternity, human rights). How has it turned out for the world? Contrast that with the medieval period (up to 11th century) and the horrors involved therein. Can you really be certain that liberty and guys like Marx, Nietzsche, and Locke are really philosophies worth adopting? When was the last time you saw art and architecture on par with what they built then?

Just questions to think about.

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Why would you study philosophy they said:)

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No country that tried communism was doing alright. They were objectively shitholes and demanded radical change to prevent the peasants from burning everything down. You have to ask yourself, would more people have died if they continued with their existing government? The answer to that question lies in Southern Africa, where capitalism fails countries but they double down on it and still fail to succeed.

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That was one of the points of animal farm. That being said communism is fucked and cant morally be forced on people even in a democratic way. Come and take it.

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I don't think communism is the right way to run a country, but too many tards here on voat just use it like a punching bag for their Orwellian 2 minute hate session.

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Venuzuela, nigger.

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Ah yes, the strawman. Tell me, why is there no capitalist utopia on the planet? Every nation that uses capitalism is still a hybrid economy. Because capitalism eats itself when markets are saturated. Some economies collapse into anarchy (Africa), some turn to communism, many, including the US, shift towards socialism.

If socialism is so toxic, why does it need so much help to fail?