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Jew and child fucker

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They are synonymous.

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It's the herpes they contract at birth from getting their penises vampired by their diseased perverted rabbis.

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It's a satanic ritual where they litterally put a needle through their eye.

Cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye!

The 'jews' of today are really the synagogue of satan, reveleations 3:9.

My ftm 'dad' has it too, she wears a contact in that eye, but it is often lazy and she runs into shit all the time from lack of depth perception.

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I know three one eyed people who drive just fine, however they don't have a family history of being dumber than a rock.

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Why do these people have a fucked up left eye?

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Put something on that herpes sore on your lip Woody.

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You mean Allan Stewart Konigsberg?

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Fuck that schnoze! Remember folks, look for the 6.

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Transgender satanist. Blind in one eye from a satanic ceremony. You can tell.