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Yes. Not just because of their constant reporting on how brave people are for being dumb. Politics is also a bad decision on ESPN's part, since most people I know watch sports to get a break from that shit.

Bringing back Hank Jr. isn't going to bring people back to ESPN. The entire network has a reputation for pouting when they don't win a bid. They lost Baseball to FoxSports and now you would think MLB no longer exists. NFL and NBA are all they talk about because that's all they have the rights to anymore. Competition came in and ESPN's response was to ignore the sports that aren't shown on their network.

SportsCenter, the one reason a lot of people ever watch ESPN, is especially boring when the entire lineup of topics is politics, and trying to pretend like Lebron James is going to be competition for the Warriors. Without SportsCenter, why keep paying the premium for ESPN?

Honestly, with ESPN losing so many subcribers so fast, I wouldn't be surprised if this is an effort to get just enough people back so that they don't also lose an NFL contract due to low viewership. MNF is a prime contract since there is only one game being shown, therefore lowering the competition for viewers. It's essentially an event each week. CBS and Fox are probably dying for the chance to pick that up.


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ESPN is only about the events, the games, for me. I don't watch any of their other shows anymore. But I do work with people (younger than me) that watch those shows, SA Smith and all that.


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I think it's great that people are tuning out ESPN due to their political stance. Maybe other TV networks and shows will take the hint. Then again, maybe they won't.