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https://unvis.it/http://www.newsweek.com/newly-discovered-fungi-turn-ants-zombies-and-use-them-breed-821360 :

Newly Discovered Fungi Turn Ants Into Zombies and Use Them to Breed

'Ants stumbling on the wrong type of fungus can meet an even grimmer fate: These organisms can take control of the insects, forcing them to kill themselves. '

'They report on the discoveries in a new paper published in the journal Studies in Mycology (mycology is the study of fungi). '

'Mushrooms have always been a risky dinner menu option: Sure, plenty of them are delicious, but some are deadly. ', " One is even named for the wife of one of the co-authors—because there's nothing quite so romantic as a zombie-ant fungus."

'And scientists have just identified another 15 fungi with this gruesome talent. '

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