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Blasphemer!!!!! Don't you EVER disrespect Saint Roof!!!

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Downvoted because you disrespect Dylan Roof. He's a hero

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Fairness is a concept for children.

In the real world might makes right. Niggers get away with being niggers because they're loud and riot. Sand niggers get away with being goat raping terrorist because they blow people up. Kikes get away with being kikes because they destroy anyone who stands against them through banking, media and state. Whites get shit on because they tolerate all of this.

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Things are that way and everything is pinned against us, but the problem with Dylan Roof, just acting out is not going to solve the issue. I really find it funny that they went after the Confederate flag though after those shootings in Charleston at a black Church, when they showed him dressed up with flags of Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia.

These people just don't get that some people on the fringe misrepresent things and they use it to interpret and misrepresent something in an untrue manner. I think Dylan knew what he was doing was wrong, when he said that he was not about to do it because he knew how good the people had been to him. It did not accomplish him or the movement anything.

It made us look even worser and undermined our cause partially. The whole approach of acting like Muslims is going to do us in, unless of course if we can engineer it properly.

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Dylan is a fucked-up, very intelligent kid. I've got his address and he will return your letters if you would like to write to him.

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I bet Roof is smarter than you.