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The kikes are the reason they're there in the first place, because their infiltration in government and media are the fucking problem. The kikes need to go before RWDS can start finishing the problem.

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Yes, cleary the jews want half the world taken over by people that hate jews more than the average voat user...

Impeccable logic, as always, ahmed.

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Their goal is to destroy the only races and cultures they feel threatened by. They have no problems genociding Palestinians from behind their wall with the help of foreign aid. I'm quite comfortable in the idea they don't at all think mudslimes are of concern in the big picture. The aim has always been to subvert and destroy whatever society they can get their claws into. You don't fool me, Shlomo, and you don't fool anybody else.

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Except for ALL the Jewish people who are openly and publicly supporting the importation of pig fuckers.

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They'll keep killing. People will eventually figure out that they need to kill the politicians whether they're muslim or not. They'll ban the religion because it believes in killing. There's no other way for it to go.

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Remind me again how many problems we had with Muslim countries before Isreal was created?

Triopoli I believe...Some fucking PIRATES.

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We've been dealing with the jewish pestilence as long as we've been dealing with the sandnigger plagues.

People don;t know their history, they're doomed to repeat it. People know their history, they're still doomed to repeat it.

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Be specific: which version of history? The old history or the new history?

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How about that time muslims almost conquered France? Or Vienna? Or that time they held Spain for a few centuries? Or WWI? Or WWII? Or the Balkan area?

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You mean muslims fought against the jews in WW1 and WW2. I'm fucking shocked. And actually there support was more split than most people realize. They kinda played both sides there but sympathized with Germany.

And holy shit the Balkans? The fucking Balkans. You mean how the ottomans were driven out OVER a hundred fucking years ago.

Yah, the U.S. wasn't involved and didn't need to be. I fail to see the point of mentioning that at all.

And yes they help spain...Centuries ago. And were eventually defeated. Muslims are not hard to conquer when a civilized society actually decides to do it. Hell, the Ottomans were pretty advanced and secular. Again, once whites really wanted them out of Bulgaria they folded like a cheap tent.

I'm no fan of Islam. But its far easier to deal with than kikes.

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Their strategy is to procreate, mostly.

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All of the desert people go back into their dirty holes, not just Jews.

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Nice Jewish propaganda. We aren't stupid.

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