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LOL, I love the jewish propaganda getting tossed out.

Yeah, those arabs really wanted the CIA in the 50's to overthrow their democratically elected leader and have a religious extremist take control. hmmmm....oh right, must be those pesky muslims fault in syria or libya.

get your jew propganda over to reddit faggot

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In every case these countries all laughed at the Muslim Brotherhood and their crazy ideas... Not even a decade later, their ideas became laws.

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What's the deal with the bug-eyed, non-specific gendered, ugly-monkey pic posted with the story?

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All Abrahamic religions are evil

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Chances are, if you are in a western country, your concept of good and evil are christian ideas of good and evil. Chances are you've been tricked by (((them))) into believing that you are better than christians for having waterd down christian values and not believing in god, calling yourself "good without the threat of divine retribution so better than Christians" or some shit. I know thats a big assumption, but either that or you're a shill, because if you really believe Christianity is evil, the source of your societal structure and order, morality, understanding of the world and culture, in the same boat as the muzzies and kikes, who are gleefully destroying whats been built over thousands of years of christian rule, you are that retarded. Gass the kikes and return the mudslimes to hell.

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Bro, you need to learn how to unbind the concept of “morality” from “Christianity”

Ie jews wrote, created, and controlled the entire Christian movement since it’s inception and yes it’s disgusting.

Worship the creator, not some abrahamic cult. Jesus at least addresses this exact issue clearly and yet people still fuck with the Old Testament as if it’s some holy book of books when it plainly describes child sacrifice, child rape, prostitution, genocide, etc

King David is a faggot boy loving child rapist, for example

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  1. this bitch admitted to fabricating her entire life story

  2. secularism didn't cause their islamization, they got straight BTFO and learned to LIKE DAT DICK