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Would you look at that. Africans have finally contributed something positive to the world.

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some Africans i spoke around Europe with were actually good people not full nigger, not hoodrat just simple people paying in bills however that said there are issues with Westernized African culture there generally is a lot of fucked up things in Western Black Culture, the Africans themselves with family in Africa they absolutely HATE islam, they are in a constant civil war with muslims

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Imams HATE him!

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hahahahah angola flag https://imgoat.com/uploads/5ded5353c5/131492.gif

omg, it's a crossover between the soviet flag and saudi arabia's


Ok, it's mostly christian that's why, they don't give a fuck about islam http://i.imgur.com/tr4jweq.png

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You got to the flag before me. Nothing about that is communist at all.

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Are these the based niggers I keep hearing about?

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It's tough to distinguish when a nogs wrecks shit just to wreck shit, or doing it for a good reason. It usually the former.

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Holy shit a group of BASTE back guys! Hats off to them all the same, if only we could harness the democratic party slave chains to make this happen elsewhere.

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So what? Angola turns out to be the real life Wakanda?

I really need a program. I can't follow this game at all.

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Next stop: Angola! But no, only niggers and consequently a very unsafe country.

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A 99% nonwhite country? Not a chance. Outlawing the establishment of subversive armies on our territory is a good idea, though.

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yeah but it looks like these ones might actually be about to advance out of the stone age.

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Anyone watch the video in the article? Literally the only argument from their "expert" is "This is stupid" and "they will regret this." Insightful.

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