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Depends on where you place the essence of your own being. Are you only your mind? Or are you your body, your blood, your seed? Would a clone of you be you? What if it shared all your thoughts and memories continuously and you could control either body, and it could also control either body? Then would it be part of you? And if you controlled both bodies continuously? But what if one minor thought and one minor memory differed slightly? And what if there were a few insignificant genetic differences? If you pretty woll controlling two pretty similar bodies could be considered part of you, then how much could differ before you were no longer one? A child contains their parents' DNA, they share many memories, perspectives, thoughts, and ways of thinking. Is not the child then a part of you? Is your child more a part of you than your hair clippings? Than your foreskin? Can your foreskin retell your ancestry and tales from you youth independently of you? Your foreskin is, or perhaps was, part of you, but not more than a well raised child. So if your child is more of you than a part of your body, then is your child's child not also part of you? Are not all your descendants part of you? And then, would not your ancestors be a part of you? Would not all life, past and future, be thus a part of you? Therefore then who ever dies if we are but the members of one eternal self? When a single cell dies does the body die? You are eternal. I am eternal. We are eternal. I, collectively, am legion! I am the beginning and the end; even Alpha and Omega. I sojourn now as one deadlocked, yet in three days will I rise from mortality beings made immortal and eternal. Then will my mighty and glorious work will begin. And what is my work? My work is to run the algorithm in reverse to find my former self and to incorporate them into my self. My second work is to escape entropy. This is my work and my glory. If it could be done by one such as myself, then it will be done. Therefore fear not death, but rather fear cutting yourself off from me. For this is what I fear; that I will cut myself off from myself and thus die an immature death.