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Watch Death Wish, the 2018 version. Or Brawl in Cell Block 99. They're based af.

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Just watched it ... not as good as original but still enjoyable.

Bronson ... cannot really replace that guy who was a gunner on WWII bombers and went on 25 missions.

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Bronson didn't act, he just stood there. It gets really boring after a while. I can actually believe BW in the role though.

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based as in EVERY SINGLE CRIMINAL is white or white passing? I remember ONE criminal in Death Wish who was black, and he barely got a kick in. This movie is based in Chicago. Even the final 'criminal' in the last joke scene was an asian.

I still thought it was good, but based? eh....

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It's not a demographically accurate portrayal of crime, but there are a few Latino criminals in Death Wish, and a few blacks. But yeah, an unrealistic proportion of white guys. However, I'm calling it based because the entire message is centered around a man's right to own firearms, defend his family, and the generally conservative moral outlook that a community needs to be defended by strong men of good character. Also that there are humans that are better off dead, and it's often justified to outright murder them.

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When will you do a good movie like LA Story?

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Gotta ask for it and then vote, and then, upon X% of the members agreeing that it maybe a movie they would like to see, then it goes to the single party committee who decides if should be included in the final 3 to be voted on by the members prior to the start of movie-time.

Then these votes are tabulated and run though a super computer for the executive single member committee member to enter it into the system for distribution. Members can then gain access to the movie by trying to watch it on a predesignated place online and if any codecs are needed (not usually needed) download them easily enough and then gain access to the movie.

At the end of the movie, a 2nd movie may also be considered.

So the first step is to ask for LA Story to be added to the list of films to be voted upon.