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[m] Roll dice? Adjust odds depending on situation?


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[M] Don't give him any ideas!


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Combat is handled per provence.

Short example:

[Conflict] South-Korea invades Kangwon Province

[Dec 2016]

In the middle of the night ROK forces decide to cross the DMZ and start the invasion of North-Korea

25,000 ROK regular troops

150 K2 Black Panther Main battle tanks

300 K200 KIFV APC's

100 M109 howitzer Artillery


100 Northrop F-5 light fighters

75 F-16 Fighting Falcon Multirole fighters

Etc etc.

Opponent/defender marks his/her assets that are realistically in the region.

Moderators look at the situation and take into account a multitude of aspects. (numbers, troop quality, kind of assets, kind of terrain, defensive positions, minefields, access road, specialty troops etc etc)

Modifiers will be awarded for battle and Battle rounds will be rolled by both players in IRC:

(first an airbattle for air superiority, then ground battle will commence)

Both players roll a D10, modifier is added and loser loses that round and x amount of assets. (number of casualties per dice point is assigned before hand)

This continues till, ether player retreats, either player runs out of assets, either player takes such heavy loses realistically their morale would break.

Winner of the battle "occupies"the province.

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I just saved this comment chain. I feel it might come in handy for explaining the rules. Thanks @Boukert.


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