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2020-03-13 | Minecraft library has censored newspaper articles online - Business Insider

'The digital library in an open "Minecraft" server has articles and information that has been censored in many countries, but is accessible through the game. '

'Reporters Without Borders created "The Uncensored Library" within "Minecraft" as what it calls a "loophole to overcome censorship."'

'RSF said that it chose "Minecraft" because it is available in many more places than sensitive information likely to be censored. '

' For example, Yulia Berezovskaia, editor-in-chief of the Russian news site grani.ru, which is blocked in Russia, said she's working with RSF to republish articles from her website on "Minecraft."'

'Media freedom advocates are meeting people where they are, and apparently, that's "Minecraft."'

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