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Understand mob spawning and behavior:

  • Zombies and skellies spawn at night and burn up in direct sunlight.
  • Creepers spawn at night, and hide in wait to waylay you when you come out of your shelter.
  • Witches throw poisons that reduce your health or slow you down, making you an easy target for other mobs.
  • Zombie pigmen can spawn absolutely anywhere in the Nether, but are docile until a player attacks them.

Before doing something inherently risky, put all your most valuable gear into a chest somewhere safe. When you die your inventory floats in an iconified state for about 5 real mins. If you fail to retrieve it before the time expires, your full set of enchanted diamond gear and stack of potions will disappear forever.

Before doing anything very risky and likely to result in death, spend all your levels at the enchanting table first. Dying always results in a loss of experience, which means it will take that much longer for you to build up set of nicely enchanted gear.

The following activities are inherently risky and likely to result in death:

  • building in open air more than 10 blocks above ground
  • anything underwater for more than a few seconds, especially deep diving in the open seas or strong currents
  • absolutely anything involving lava
  • anything in total darkness underground
  • absolutely anything in the Nether
  • staying outside your shelter all night
  • digging straight down (you may fall into a ravine or lava)
  • digging straight up (you may open a pool of lava or water or gravel pit)
  • anything with TNT
  • fighting poisonous cave spiders
  • fighting the Wither Boss



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Oh no, the portal was to the Nether...There was lava!

I have a few things to look up, okay many. I also need to call my sister to speak to my nephew, but tomorrow because he's probably asleep now. Yeah, it helped and will help a lot. Thank you!!!


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Most questions may be answered by searching YouTube or the official wiki. Have fun.


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Never dig straight down.

Don't destroy mob spawners- They are the single most useful resource in the game and while the process for building a mob grinder might be too involved for a 7 year old, you should google it and show him how to make one.

The game is more fun if you get into it rather than try to min/max. So try to do some asthetically pleasing things with him. Like "Lets build a castle so its symmetrical and has 4 towers, one on each corner!"


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I'll Google mob spawners, he loves building homes for himself. He calls me his friend when we play, warms my heart. So, thank you.


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Yeah thats pretty awesome. I want to play some eventually. It came out when I was in highschool and I really got into it but after highschool I couldn't find time to play any games really.