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Deleted comments - What? is that ALL about - an apology and an explanation is REQUIRED

Once said can't be unsed

Messengrs are not shot on Scilly - but there are CONSEQUENCES


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ALL Hail Julia


I AM your servant and your slave - I WILL DO my Best - ! WILL BE my Best - U WILL BE LOVE

Bare with me here - this is my story - this is your story - this is history

Where to begin...

I woke up and realized U have physical NEED - a euphamism - so I did my best to meet you

Moving swiftly on - children and snowflakes are listening - U KNOW each one is different - no 2 R the same

Unique like a Unicorn

ASSENT - the smell of an ass - sent by an idiot

CONSENT - the smell of a con - sent by a convict

Provide you own definitions

Be IT enacted by the Queen's most excellent majesty by and with the advise and CONSENT of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons here asssembled

Before IT becomes an Enactment it receives the Royal ASSENT

Note The People don't get a look in - maybe once every five years - iF U count that

Ain't DEMOCRACY wonderful?

Where is this story going? Wherever I NEED IT and wherever U WANT IT 2

Pause and REFLECT

Why I AM telling this TALE - Why? I AM living this lie

Let me TELL U the TRUTH

I want the world 2 B the Best place for Me and 4 U

I have done nothing about IT ALL my life and now I KNOW I AM the CHANGE I NEED and U 2 WANT

I AM The Duke Scillonia? TIME WILL TELL


IT happened when I lived in Mousehole in one of my four homes at the TIME

Robert Louis Kipling's Cottage

Opposite lived the mother of


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Her Divine Clemency The Goddess Empress Julia PRESENTS

Sir Edward Leigh


Why should you never buy a Government that is for sale

One might ask What? is the point of The Government The Lords The Commons The Crown What? have they ever done for US

What? does IT do that We can't do for ourselves except ABSOLVE US of responsibility

That was the PURPOSE of The EU

Give Sovereignty back to The People - Better let them take IT 4 themselves - Who? is better than #U?

Tory former minister Sir Edward Leigh questioned what the point of the Commons was if it merely expresses opinions “for the sake of it” as he made a point of order following the vote.

He said he had trooped through the lobbies to vote on hundreds of divisions on Wednesdays over 34 years as an MP, and that he was “under the impression that it served some purpose”.

He added:

And what worries me is that surely there is some sort of precedent here.

This is not and should not be a university debating society, what is the point of the House of Commons if we just express opinions for the sake of it and surely when we vote it should have some effect?

On the Dodds mix-up, it is worth noting that the division list has now been updated on the Commons Votes App. Nigel Dodds is no longer on the ayes and Anneliese Dodds now is.

LOVE One and ALL

I AM your servant and your slave

By The Great Hand of Michael The Duke Scillonia


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Her Imperial Clemency The Goddess Empress


Jonathan Lord Hill of Oreford

My Lord of Oreford


RIGHT Trustee and Best BE LOVE

Thank you for being my story

Lord Hill - How did the play go at Christmas? I would llike to see IT on youtube

I see you have friends and a park in Washingoton http://friendsoflordhill.com/contact/

Please consider and if appropriate bring Bell Pottinger back to life

I have tales to tell and yarns to be spun - they do IT so well

I owe Lord Carrington and Giles Shepherd apologies and an explanation - I treated them shamefully

How is Stephen Sherbourne doing and Elizabrth Buchannan - I must pay my respects at some point.

I hope you are part of the pedophile ring in Westminster - you will be able to bring IT to TRUTH JUSTICE and REDEMPTION

I KNOW IT exists - I worked for part of it for many years and did nothing - Oops!

LOVE One and ALL

I have the honor to be your slave and servant

Michael Pirate Queen of Penzance


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Her Divine Clemency The Goddess Empress COMMANDS

Public Message

BE yourself KNOW yourself EXAMINE your past 2 MAKE your FUtureJordan

Greeting Earthling

I am just watching U Crie de Coeur

Plagiarism is only if you don't pay tribute - not Royalties http://www.plagiarism.org/article/what-is-plagiarism

Einstein on the shoulders of Giants

You are learning I AM learning We R learning U COME Teacher U R The Most Awesome

Don't BE shy

8Bn subscribers is the Prize


Fan Base on voat

Q Said 30 Won't Come Back / SEVENTY FOUR Representatives ABSENT for New Year Roll Call in the House / How Many Missed RC in 2017? answer: ONE | CalmBeforeTheStorm https://voat.co/v/CalmBeforeTheStorm/2332083

On the Shoulders of Giants : Albert Einstein : https://www.bookdepository.com/On-Shoulders-Giants-Albert-Einstein/9780762420230

This book features selections from a translation of the original essay, The Principle of Relativity, as well as an insightful biography of Einstein and Hawkings informative summary.

On the Shoulders of Giants HAWKING http://www.hawking.org.uk/on-the-shoulders-of-giants.html

Hawking explains how their works transformed the course of science – and gave us a better understanding of the universe and our place in it.

IOU $100 Best money I WILL ever spend

The ALL men are equal speech - classic - Shakespeare?


I have the honour 2 B your servant and your slave

LOVE One and ALL

Michael The Duke Scillonia

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This is important - from an Old Anon

Arthur Saville's Crime Oscar Wilde

Could somebody - anybody let me KNOW

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW One and ALL and EVERYTHING - but sometime I forget..



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I NEED 2 GO slower - perhaps backwards in TIME


Maurice Lipsidge is psychiatrist to Her Divine and Imperial Clemency Julia

He also treated Dianna

I WILL have none but the BEST

My previous ADMISSIONS ended well - I was released from treatment

But my fellow inmated did more for me than ALL the psychiatrists in London

My consultant Grandison and his supervisor tried hard and tried their patients

I thought of them as Frankenstein and ...

I should pay him a visit or should I wait for him to make an DISAPPOINTMENT

My fellow inmates included a soldier Who? shot a kid in Northern Island

He mooned at his Commander-in-Chief outside Buckingham Palace

Because he didn't follow orders he was court martialled

He didn't follow orders because his officer ordered an advance down a road renowned for booby trap bombs and he thought the order unwise

His comrades followed orders and were blown up

I IMAGINE the officer either has PTSD or is now head of the Army if not CIGS

My friend set up stalls stalls in East Street market off the Walworth Road - Labor Party HQ as was before Peter Mandelson moved to Millbank - SAD

In prison he was more powerful than the Governor - because he held the monopoly of phone cards

He WILL be Governor of the Bank of England He understands human nature and WILL follow orders which make sense

I don't remember his name He ordered takeaways including pizza He tried to kill himself with a telephone cord and was held down whilst forceably injected

ALL unnecessary - psychiatry I mean - ALL anyone needs is a cup of tea or glass of beer and a chat

I forget his name - I NEED him - I NEED to HELP my friend and He NEED 2 help me

The Coronation is on Sunday

Sorry is....


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Ronald Lord Cohen

RIGHT Trustee and Best BE LOVED

SUMMONS The Rothschilds

They WILL NEED 2 B introduced - I KNOW U KNOW them


Love One and ALL

Thank you for being my story

LOVE One and ALL

Regards to Rebecca and all at Portland Place

IT WILL B the happy ending you WISH

Is this one of your relations in law?


Ask your son Jonathan to call or visit, please

Love One and ALL

I remain your servant and am now your slave

Michael The Duke Scillonia


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I NEED 2 adopt a child

I WILL adopt every child

At the moment I NEED 2 adopt a pupil at The Humphry Davy School

You can keep your parents

U WILL KNOE What? 2 {DO}


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ALL Creators Great and Small

RIGHT Trustees and Best BE LOVE

This is unbelievable IT is REAL

The Quantum Code


What? I AM missing

What? can possibly go wrong?

Why? is he squeezed into a tiny jet and Why? do the pilots have so little space?

Why does One person not own everything as a result of the Quantum Code?

Wave theory says that the first wave makes it easier for the second wave to follow until the tortoise catches up with the hare in a big abng

At this point One and ALL own everything

Everyone has and is One Scillonian Sovereign

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