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Isn't this more-or-less a thermal polution machine? Not saying 1 data center will raise the temps of the ocean...but install enough of them...


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I imagine it would depend on how they are doing the cooling. I don't think it wouldn't be on the level of undersea volcanoes and vents.


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https://archive.fo/afvq9 :

Microsoft’s undersea data center now has a webcam with fish swimming past 27.6 petabytes of data - The Verge

'If you’ve always wanted to watch fish swim past a data center with 27.6 petabytes of storage, stop surfing around as today is your lucky day. '

'Microsoft has been experimenting with undersea data centers for years, and the current installation in the Orkney Islands will be deployed for around five years. '

'Microsoft has taken the oppor-tuna-ty to install a webcam next to its undersea data center, offering live views of just how well the metal container is rusting and the hundreds of fish suddenly interested in cloud data and artificial intelligence. '

'The webcam itself isn’t just in place to watch a load of carp, Microsoft is observing the environmental conditions near its data center as part of the experiment. '

'The data center is powered by a giant undersea cable that also connects it back to the internet, and the findings could mean the company will scale this project up to more powerful data centers in the future. '

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