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Microsoft Just Put a Data Center on the Bottom of the Ocean - Motherboard

'In addition to cutting down the amount of time needed to create a data center on land from about 2 years to around 90 days, the submarine data center has the added benefit of natural cooling from the ocean, eliminating one of the biggest costs of running a data center on land. '

'Project Natick may allow the company to rapidly deploy dozens of other data centers in the coming years, but for now, Microsoft says its first submarine data center is an applied research project meant to determine the viability deploying the data centers at scale. '

'Microsoft just sent its first self-sufficient, waterproof data center to the bottom of the ocean floor near the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the company announced on Tuesday. '

'The Orkney Islands was a strategic choice for the first data center since the islands are also testing experimental renewable energy projects. '

'The deployment of the data center represents the culmination of a nearly four year research effort code-named Project Natick, which aimed to develop rapidly deployable data centers that can support cloud computing services near major cities. '

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