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When I work with a woman I keep it 100% professional and spend as little time around her as possible. It's just to risky to try to interact with women at work and not worth it. Too dangerous, everyone goes through sexual harassment training on day one and the take away is to stay as far away from female employees as possible, all it takes is one crazy one and your job and possibly life is fucked.


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The best comment (and there aren't many):

The hyper-sensitive special snowflake personality has gotten far too strong of a foothold in that their absolute paranoia is being taken seriously instead of being dealt with as the crippling disability that it is. And the semi-randomly selected targets of that paranoia are being held accountable for things they haven't even done.

I agree that it's a bullshit issue - it never should have gotten the far in the first place, but sadly it's all too real and I've seen if firsthand far too many times. Count yourself lucky for not having been on the receiving end of someone looking for an excuse to feel oppressed so they can get a pat on the head and a cookie.


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pls don't link to the telegraph.



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archive.is has blocked Finnish users so it's not a solution that supports everybody.


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It is an injustice when men are falsely accused of assaulting women, but this unintended consequence of measures created to protect women is also wrong. It is understandable that men are cautious in dealing with women in the workplace but maybe its time to create a 'good samaritan' policy that exempts people from prosecution when they are only attempting to help out a coworker.