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IRA is fighting for their freedom from British rule, I have seen some pictures from family there of what rubber bullets do when you shoot them at a child's face, of the shrapnel in my cousins grandmas legs from the grenades that the British army was lobbing around. I do not agree with what the IRA does 99% of the time, but the British need to leave N.Ireland alone already. Also the IRA is Catholic, the fight against prody cunts, such as the Ulster defense force, and unless this is how you look at ISS and those so called Islamic terrorist, it is hypocritical to blame islam for terrorism then say the IRA shouldn't be associated with the religion it claims to fight for.


[–] Broc_Lia ago 

Actually, the ira mostly smuggle petrol and cigarettes now. The situation you described is probably more accurate of the 1970s.


[–] Tb0n3 ago 

ISIS is pretty controversial, which is why I used the IRA. But, yes, they are another example of a splinter group which believes in the cause of their religion and philosophy but should not be used as proof that Muslims are all barbaric murderers.