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At least he can afford a lawyer who's guaranteed to make her go fuck herself.

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If they have kids under 18 she can get more from him due to this. That is the shitty part of it all.

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He can give me 1 million and I'll take care of that.

[–] Caffeinatedbunny 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

What do you mean "more?" The article said he was a stay at home husband who has been unemployeed since the divorce. She probably got nothing in the divorce to begin with.

She may be paying alimony since it appears that she was the breadwinner. If she is paying alimony, she's probably headed to court to contest those payments, in light of his recent windfall.

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He’s going to need a team of lawyers to defend himself. Even then it’s a coin flip if the judge cares.